New Agents

Estate agent required


What type of estate agent are Century 21 BZ Gestió looking for?

An open and empathetic person, without inhibitions or fear when meeting new people, who knows how to listen and put themselves in other people’s shoes, understands feelings and emotions, handles information with discretion and confidentiality, has passion and resources to solve problems, addresses needs, and always wants to improve and learn more.

A freelance estate agent who works for your business to grow hand in hand with Century 21 BZ Gestió.

Are you that type of enterprising person?

Allocate your time and your talent to the assigned area and its people.

Create and take care of your contacts and forget about everything else: office rental, supplies and personnel costs, administration, public record searches, etc. Century 21 BZ Gestió or Century 21 Xarxa will do it for you!

Take advantage of all these resources to enhance your work and grow professionally with us.

Do you want to be a great estate agent?

  • Start with 60 days of initial training and then continue with a specific training plan: office software, management skills, real estate specialisation, personal and attitude-based development, etc.
  • Receive ongoing follow-up, support and advice.
  • Offer your clients an end-to-end property-specific service.

Search and find talent

Xavier Dalmau – Team Leader de Century 21 Xarxa